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Student Appreciation Party

作者:Avery 翻译:张倩

  I have been teaching at Tanghu Middle School for my third year now. I wanted to do something special for my Junior 1 students. Many of them love to talk with me, but having just started learning English, their vocabulary is limited (this is not their fault). I had an idea to host a party for the students that work very hard at learning English. So I made a list of the students that always participate, try to help me and speak to me in my office. I also asked the English teachers to choose their student that improved the most over the year. The teachers decided it would be a great idea to host this party close to “International Children’s Day”.
  I made some chilli (辣豆酱), we ordered pizza, bought some snacks and drinks for them to enjoy, and to encourage them to “keep up the good work.” (Popular English phrase) The students had a lot of fun, and the teachers encouraged them to practice English at this event. I believe it was a great success, everyone really enjoyed it. No students had ever tried chilli (辣豆酱) before, and they loved it. I made it much spicier than I would in Canada, so that made it very popular I think, ha ha. Ingredients: Green pepper (5), Celery (1), Onion (1), Pork (3), Spaghetti Sauce (2), 2 kinds of beans (kidney {2} and brown{2}), Cayenne Pepper Powder and Chilli Powder.
  I asked the teachers to write about what they thought of the party, they wrote to me, “this is a great way to introduce the students to some popular Canadian foods.” “It was a very creative way to celebrate Children’s Day and reward the student’s good behaviour.” “We were very moved that the foreign teacher would arrange such an activity.”
  I also asked the students to write their feelings about the party. Two boys wrote, “Yesterday we had a party, we had a lot of food, it tasted so good. Everyone was very happy to go.” One girl wrote, “yesterday we had a party, I was very happy. At the party I ate so much food, it tasted very good. I liked it very much, thank you for your party.” Another boy wrote, “Yesterday we had a party. It was very fun and exciting. In the party, I ate fruit and pizza, it was very delicious. Everyone was very happy, I want to say thank you very much to Avery.” The last girl wrote, “I had a happy afternoon. Yesterday afternoon we had a pizza party. We had a lot of pizza, it’s very delicious. Our teacher Avery made some food for us try, it tasted very good! Thank you so much Avery!”
  同样的,我也让一些学生来写他们对这次排队的感受。两位男生写到,“昨天,我们参加了一场派对,享用了许多食物,非常的美味,每个人都沉浸其中。”一位女生写到,“昨天参加了这场派对,我感到非常开心,期间我吃了很多美食,尝起来非常棒。我非常喜欢这次派对,谢谢您。”另外一位男孩写到,“昨天参加的那场派对充满欢声笑语,令人激动,在派对上,我吃了美味的水果与披萨,每个人都非常开心,我特别想谢谢您,Avery”最后还有一位女孩写到,“我度过了非常愉快的下午,昨天下午我们举行了披萨派对,匹萨非常的美味。我们的老师Avery 为我们制作了美味的食物,尝起来棒极了,非常的感谢你Avery!”
  I am happy to continue this tradition as long as I am teaching here at Tanghu Middle School, and as long as I have students in my classes that deserve this prize. Which I know there always will be. So many Chinese students work so hard at school, and I hope this will show them that “hard work will pay off in the end”. (Popular English phrase) I wish you all good luck on your exams. I hope everyone has a great summer, and I can’t wait to see you all next year.

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